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The problem is you don’t know if you have a cracked head as it displays the same as a cracked (or blown) head gasket. I would check out a third shop. Make sure you don’t get roped in for a.

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  • Aug 02, 2004 · jsut curious on a stock 89 5.0 how hard and long would it take a first timer to replace the left side head gasket? I know how to remove everything, its just am i worried that i would forget putting hoses an dlines back on. So wats your time estimate.. get a bottom cylinder gasket also in case you pull the cylinder from the engine case. if you dont disturb it , it will be ok and seal ok. kw copper coat spray or brush on. shake good. permatex makes a coating spray also for head gaskets. use nuts and washers like scooterollie suggested. for good torque values.. Dec 23, 2020 · You do have one push rod per valve , two valves per cylinder (exhaust and intake). Once the rocker arm assembly is removed and push rods pulled out then the head is ready to be removed. You do not need to remove the valves, although some guys might on take the opportunity to do a valve job while all is open.. In a pinch my dad used to reuse head gaskets after hosing them down with 3 heavy coats of spray paint. Yes old, very used gaskets. .This is shit from the dark ages before he started keeping gasket sets around for his shit box fleet so when an old Datsun head cracked on his way home we could fix it properly-ish with a used head "machined flat" with a file and a new gasket. Answer (1 of 27): With the appropriate service manual in hand, it shouldn’t be too hard. As some have mentioned, it may be difficult in a transverse, two-head engine, and removal may make the job simpler.. How much does it cost to replace a head gasket on a 6.0 Powerstroke? The average cost for a Ford F-350 Super Duty head gasket replacement is between $2,980 and $3,403 . Labor costs.

    How hard is it to replace a head gasket reddit

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    Is it hard to replace a head gasket Reddit? it's not hard if you know what you're doing but generally it involves breaking down a large portion of the engine and possibly resurfacing the head/block. Depends primarily on the car, what engine it is, and if you have a weekend free or another car to drive while your car is in pieces.Mar 10, 2015.